Team as a service

And they are perfectionists. Ask them to build you a product, and they will not give you what you asked for. They will give you what you want.

How we work


We listen

We see the time devoted to your project as an investment into your future. We listen to your ideas and needs and think about the best solution to do the project right the first time.

We develop

We work with the latest technologies to get the best results. We don’t need lengthy training or explanations. We’ll provide you with a great team of senior developers who are ready to work immediately.

We verify

We closely examine and test every idea and every feature in every step of the project. We concentrate on the needs of the end user. We don’t take risks. We don’t launch anything we don’t stand by.

You will love working with us

Our long-standing experience has resulted in deep, broad knowledge of the B2B world and start-up scene, and gives us the ability to apply various technology solutions, whether they are old or new.

We will bring start-up playfulness and a fresh point of view to your project.

We respect the processes. Your company, your rules.

We are open and fair. We keep our promises.

We keep educating ourselves, you, and your children.

We will guide you through and help you understand the world of IT.

We will help you stop worrying.

We can anticipate and minimize the risks associated with technical IT solutions.

We think in the context of your business. With our help, your product will make sense to your end users.

Customer care

Throughout cooperation, we make sure that you have access to the project's updates and news. We will assign you a person who will always explain everything to you and find the right solution for you.

Planning and Research

We are exploring market opportunities and verifying both, our and your ideas. The product and its development are not based on feelings but on data and experience.


Design breathes life into your product. In addition to the aesthetic function, it also ensures that the end user doesn't get lost and quickly completes the actions for which the product is intended.


We do not start to develop thoughtlessly. We are looking for the best solutions specifically for your product. Rapid development does not necessarily mean saving time and finance. Exactly the opposite.

Who works with us

Our customers say that…

TopMonks are special mainly because they understand us.

[foto] Jan Sechovec
Jan Sechovec
Universal Digital Punker


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Ladislav Gerencséry

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