How we work

Success is a delivery not the time spent.

We don't need you messing around from 9 to 5 in the office. We want to deliver the perfection! As our team is mostly distributed, we've worked diligently to improve the ways we work together, and with our clients. Don't count hours, deliver!


Effective communication is the essence of cooperation- not only across our projects, but also with some of our customers. We don't care where do you sit, but once you are working, you should be available.


All our projects are running in GitHub. Many of them also use GitHub Issues for tracking the progress. Together with Slack it is the alpha and omega of our cooperation.


Here we share all the projects documentation, invoices, even our company library, basically our whole knowledge. Ask rarous for his amazing cook book!


Most of our projects are containerized and run in Docker Swarm environment. For management of these we developed our own UI called Swarmpit.


Now let's shake-off all the useless administration! If you need to control your project costs, ask for time-off or refund your expenses, you can do it online wherever and whenever you want from.


Trello is a powerful tool to track the team's progress and to delegate the work.

Our Team

[foto] Jiří Fabián
Jiří Fabián Co-Founder, President
[foto] Kristýna Sloupová
Kristýna Sloupová Senior Key Account Manager
[foto] Ladislav Gerencséry
Ladislav Gerencséry Sales Account Manager
[foto] Lea Petrášová
Lea Petrášová Blockchain & Crypto Projects
[foto] Aleš Roubíček
Aleš Roubíček Hacking Monkey
[foto] Anička Kovácsová
Anička Kovácsová Project manager and happy maker
[foto] Daniel Hromada
Daniel Hromada Frontend & JavaScript
[foto] Daria Nováková
Daria Nováková Data Scientist
[foto] David Votrubec
David Votrubec Sharp Developer (and free time painter)
[foto] Eliška Monsportová
Eliška Monsportová HR
[foto] Filip Malý
Filip Malý Just a man with his machine
[foto] Jan Fabián
Jan Fabián X-Core Developer
[foto] Jan Hlisnikovský
Jan Hlisnikovský Integration engineer
[foto] Jan Kopřiva
Jan Kopřiva Developer monk
[foto] Ján Lopusek
Ján Lopusek net-worker
[foto] Jan Uhlář
Jan Uhlář Web developer
[foto] Jaroslav Vilč
Jaroslav Vilč Software optimist
[foto] Jiří Kubala
Jiří Kubala programátor
[foto] Jiří Lafek
Jiří Lafek Web developer
[foto] Jiří Pénzeš
Jiří Pénzeš Software coffeeholic
[foto] Jiří Píša
Jiří Píša Co-Founder, VP
[foto] Karel Moulík
Karel Moulík developer
[foto] Karel Štefan
Karel Štefan Java developer
[foto] Libor Mika
Libor Mika Java developer
[foto] Lumír Mrkva
Lumír Mrkva Team leader
[foto] Marian Mrózek
Marian Mrózek Ruby developer
[foto] Michal Nikodím
Michal Nikodím Java developer
[foto] Ondřej Svoboda
Ondřej Svoboda Web Developer
[foto] Pavel Lobodinský
Pavel Lobodinský
[foto] Pavel Trnka
Pavel Trnka Interaction Designer
[foto] Pavol Noha
Pavol Noha Software gardener
[foto] Petr Kubín
Petr Kubín Java Developer, Web Developer
[foto] Petr Pražák
Petr Pražák
[foto] Přemysl Donát
Přemysl Donát Ruby
[foto] Radek Jakl
Radek Jakl Button Shifter
[foto] Tomáš Brejla
Tomáš Brejla Java developer
[foto] Tomáš Ganaj
Tomáš Ganaj Java Developer
[foto] Tomáš Paulus
Tomáš Paulus UX designer
[foto] Tomáš Záluský
Tomáš Záluský Java developer
[foto] Václav Slavík
Václav Slavík Web Weaver
[foto] Vlaďka Kubertová
Vlaďka Kubertová Office manager

Company values

  • Learn or die. Teach or die. Only learning and teaching brains flourish.
  • Have an entrepreneurial mind. Spin-offs of our former team members are welcome.
  • Be brave. Provide a sincere feedback regardless of the circumstances.
  • 自由 Your freedom can’t affect the freedom of others.
  • 看板 Success is a delivery not the time spent. Don’t wait to be asked for your next task, find it yourself.
  • 改善 Life is a constant change. Embrace it.
  • 无国界 Our company is a living organism interconnected with our partners, customers, and community. There are no borders.
  • 共享 Give and you shall receive.
  • 怪事 Weirdness, non-conformity is welcome.

If you like these ideas, come join us. Or, have your project delivered by us. Or, simply visit us. We enjoy meeting interesting people.