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Česká Spořitelna - web app

Through the WebAPI project, TopMonks has proven that we not only bring innovation into the corporate environment, but also steer it in the right direction.

Long before the EU's PSD2 directive was drafted, long before public APIs became a trend in the banking sphere, and even long before these ideas became mainstream, our team had already known very well that public REST API gateways powered by cloud solutions were the way to go for banks.

  • 4

    years in production

  • 2

    years before PSD2

  • 8M

    requests a day

  • 10

    monks working on the project

Project Details

Read-only? Think bigger

So when Česká Spořitelna approached us back in 2014 with the idea to build a simple mobile app to provide read-only access to clients’ personal accounts, we humbly suggested they think bigger. Together, we dived into developing a truly groundbreaking custom-made cloud integration platform for both the bank’s internal and external use for its clients.

The heart of Česká Spořitelna’s infra­structure

Today, WebAPI enables our client to stay on the technological edge with a 21st century grade public interface. Most of the projects that come to your mind, including the George internet banking, run on the WebAPI platform. The platform is currently also being adopted by the whole Erste Group.

Miles ahead of competitors

They are on the move, miles ahead of their competitors:

  • A significant subset of the bank’s APIs was exposed publicly to 3rd party developers to design and test their own layer of applications built on top of it.
  • All cloud services were revealed in a standardized uniform manner (RESTful API) to avoid potential integration chaos and to reduce costs.
  • WebAPI provides a massively scalable infrastructure that handles more than 8 million requests on a daily basis, supported by an easy-to-use developer portal, thus creating a platform that can be reconfigured live and instantly with 0 downtimes.
  • Our client received the tools to successfully manage the complex system and redistribute resources where needed to impose limits on the amount and duration of requests, manage access to services in one place, collect audit logs for analysis, and much more.

Does switching from monoliths to microservices sound good? How about jumping on the cloud from server racks? If this resonates with you, make sure to reach out to us to get a headstart in the FinTech industry. Take advantage of our years of experience and the expertise our team has gained while working with the largest bank in the country.


Java programming language
Spring framework
Infinispan distributed in-memory key/value data storeinfinispan9_pixelsizes
Elasticsearch distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine
Kibana open source data visualization plugin for Elasticsearch
Oracle database
Ember.js framework


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