Adler is a leading supplier of promotional textiles in the Czech Republic and Europe. The company grew very fast, and with 250 employees, the IT department can't cover all of Adler's internal needs anymore.

  • 30

    days from the assignment till finished product

  • 5

    monks working on the project

  • 4

    different frameworks

  • 2


[photo] Topmonks team at work
[photo] Topmonks team at work

That's why TopMonks comes on the scene. Experience from similar projects has enabled us to come up with a tailor-made solution to automate the process of purchasing, marketing, and sales, with the vision that the applications will be integrated into one comprehensive administration platform in the future.

Solution saves employees' time

In close cooperation with the client, we created software that is not only nice but also user-friendly. Besides, it saves employees' time through the automation of several workflows.

Detailed workflow analysis

Detailed workflow and user behavior analysis have provided our UX designer with instant feedback on prototyping. As a result, he was able to create an application that reflects the needs of a real workflow on the customer's side.

The prototype has already contained all the necessary information

The prototype of the application has already contained a great foundation and all the necessary information for the Front-end and Back-end development. Therefore, there was no delay due to the need for more in-depth specification of the assignment. As a result, developers have been able to design and set up application architecture, data flows, and development environment settings without any delay.

The latest javascript frameworks were used to guarantee the application's scalability in the future. For Back-end these were Node.js, mocha, sequelize, and React.js for the Front-end.

  • Node.js framework
  • Mocha testing frameworkimage/svg+xmlMocha Logo08-21-2015Dick DeLeon <>CC BY-SA 4.0mochamochajsChristopher Hiller <>
  • image/svg+xml Artboard 14 Sequelize ORM for Node.js
  • React JS library

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