GRE is a rapidly growing travel startup that specializes in crafting personalized itineraries for travelers of all kinds who want to explore the magic European countries offer. Travelers from around the globe, namely from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore rave about GRE’s efficiency, reliability and uniqueness. Check out their impressive reviews on TrustPilot and Facebook.

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    years in production

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    excellent reviews

  • 200%

    year-to-year revenue

Leave your business worries to us

Just a simple Excel spreadsheet, yet a ton of experience from the travel industry, is what GRE’s founder David Manley turned into a business that took off extremely fast. As the customer base kept rapidly growing, scalability, however, did not. This is where TopMonks stepped in.

GoRealEurope travels are now fully automated

With every destination that GRE offers, their experts come into play by combining their local knowledge with first-hand experience. Plenty of tips, hacks and travel wizardry are inserted into a uniquely structured database that enables GRE’s proprietary algorithm to instantly create a perfectly customizable itinerary for anyone. GRE’s clients can comfortably sit back and relax. No matter the complexity of their trip, GoRealEurope masters the art of providing the smoothest experience possible.

Seamless experience

Collect what you want

Customers pick and choose their ideal dates, location and activities.

An all-in-one crafted trip

A carefully curated experience: a unique, personalized itinerary is presented. The complex plan includes transportation, accommodation, tour and transfers that are automatically generated for each client.

Triple-checking so clients don’t have to

The itinerary carefully reflects the preferences of the travelers, while also accounting for seasonal activities, date restrictions and transportation schedules.

A personal guide on the go

Stay calm and carry on. The itinerary always has your back and even includes a smart navigation for self-guided travel, a one-step package booking, and offers plenty of opportunities to experience special activities such as symphony concerts, cycling trips, private guides, cable cars to mountain summits, and everything else you can imagine right at your fingertips.

Soaring even higher with TopMonks under their wings

With the right automation process and room to scale, GRE has already hit $2.3M in 2018, doubling their sales from the previous year. As GRE has grown, the need for more space came up and we came to help once again. TopMonks helped raise $200K to make this happen. It doesn’t stop here, though. GRE is raising an additional $1.5M to expand around the whole globe.

Leveling up the travel industry

This company is well on their way to become the next unicorn and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their journey. Our Monk has teamed up with one of GRE’s developers and went from Ruby 3.2 to 5.2. They are keeping their eyes peeled on their future plans. GRE has already partnered with Prague Startup SmartGuide to integrate its catchy mobile travel app into GRE’s itineraries.

18 technologies

GRE and their entire troops of boast-worthy technologies that run behind the scenes:

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