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Pricefx is the leading software company providing SaaS pricing and CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solutions. Within just a few years, the company turned from a startup into a multinational company with a valuation of approximately 1 billion CZK. We are proud to say that Topmonks have been with Pricefx since the beginning.

  • 2

    years from startup to a working company

  • 1 bn

    CZK valuation

  • 15

    monks on the project

  • 9

    different technologies

[photo] Pricefx in-app screenshot

TopMonks will help you turn your startup into a successful company

Monks started out with Pricefx in their startup studio where we offered technical consultations and development in exchange for their equity. Our cooperation with Pricefx shows that TopMonks have the relevant expertise and qualifications to assist you in turning your current company into a hugely successful one.

They saw a little sense in how CPQ solutions were built

In the beginning, there was a bunch of people with experience in automated price calculation (CPQ software) who only saw a little bit of sense in how CPQ solutions were built at that time. Robust systems were overpriced, installation on customers’ premises was required, customers’ resources (financial, personal and technical), as well as installation and configuration took ages, and, truthfully, any modification or upgrade was a living nightmare.

Product tremendously benefits from cloud technologies

Pricing is vital for our customers, although it is often unrelated to their core business. For us at TopMonks, we immediately saw a product that would greatly benefit from cloud technologies. As a result, our customer had a service that deals with their vital problems and, at the same time, they can freely focus on their core business development.

Technologies used for this project are the following: Spring, Google Web Toolkit, Groovy, Camel Apache, Ember.js, MySQL, Postgresql, Hazelcast, Jetty, React.

  • Spring framework
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Apache Groovy programming language
  • Ember.js framework
  • MySQL database
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Hazelcast data grid
  • React JS library


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