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We are building companies, integrating infrastructure, developing apps and testing software for banks, startup and blockchain projects.



We listen

We listen

We see the time devoted to your project as an investment into your future. We listen to your ideas and needs and think about the best solution to do the project right the first time.

We develop

We develop

We work with the latest technologies to get the best results. We don’t need lengthy training or explanations. We’ll provide you with a great team of senior developers who are ready to work immediately.

We verify

We verify

We closely examine and test every idea and every feature in every step of the project. We concentrate on the needs of the end user. We don’t take risks. We don’t launch anything we don’t stand by.

Our process is simple but effective

  1. Customer care

    During our co-operation, we’ll keep you in the loop. We’ll assign you a person who will be always happy to explain everything, so that we could find the best solution together.

  2. Planning and research

    We explore the market possibilities and verify our ideas and thoughts. The product and its development are not based on feelings, but data and experience.

  3. Design

    Design breathes life into the product. We’ll make sure that your application is intuitive and that the end users will love it.

  4. Development

    Rapid development doesn’t necessarily save time and money; it’s quite the other way round. We don’t start developing products without thinking; we look for the best solution.

Case Studies

We have learned something from every collaboration with our clients.

Go Real Europe

GRE is a rapidly growing travel startup that specializes in crafting personalized itineraries for travelers of all kinds who want to explore the magic European countries offer.


We provided professional consultations to support a rapidly expanding portfolio of customers and improve the UX of the current website.

Česká Spořitelna WebAPI

A custom-made integration platform for the bank’s internal use as well as external in the form of a public API.


In close cooperation with the client, we have created a smart software that is user-friendly. Its biggest added value lies in saving Adler’s employees’ time through the automation of multiple workflows.

Profi Option

Our team’s task was to review 24Cryptex’s trading app which experienced some difficulties with its usability and the overall look and feel of their platform.


Our TopMonks Blockchain team was approached at the same time Xixoio’s IPCO was being prepared. It only took us three days to draft the complete token issuance architecture.


Exceptionally fast audit of smart contracts architecture. Lumir has proven to be an incredibly valuable team player that matched very well with our senior product/dev team and proved exceptionally fast and innovative thinker in designing and auditing our smart contracts architecture.

Balehu Wallet

Development support for startup incubator. The awesome people at TopMonks were so helpful and generous with their time while our startup incubator was growing. We had needs for front-end, back-end, and blockchain, and they always delivered. They were recommended to me by another startup founder and I'm happy to recommend them again!

DeFi Puzzle

Second layer DeFi solution Leveraged trading reinvented. Construct any custom financial product on top of Compound money market positions. Hold the products for yourself or sell them on an exchange.

Our customers say…

We found our cooperation with TopMonks partner very productive. Professional approach expressed in initiative, creativity, deep knowledge of subject field and strong compliance with time requirements allowed us to launch product on time and without complications.

Nataliya Rozhok
Tomáš Paulus, UX designer from TopMonks, really knows what he's doing. Based on his research, he adapted the platform into a usable form with a professional design. We certainly recommend him further.

Karel Dostál
Lumir has proven to be an incredibly valuable team player that matched very well with our senior product/dev team and proved exceptionally fast and innovative thinker in designing and auditing our smart contracts architecture.

Patrik Tjokorda

Let’s cooperate!

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