Join our Monastery. We are hiring!

Freedom. Anarchy. Passion. Friendship. Chaos. That’s just a small part of what we stand for. Sounds like you? Come join us!

Open positions

We are always looking for passionate people with, not only, technical excelence. We can't promise you any current technology, but fun and challenging projects.

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Our values are pretty clear

We live what we preach in our daily life. We walk our talk. Do you resonate with our values? Which one is the most compelling for you?


Learn or die. Teach or die. Only learning and teaching brains flourish.


Have an entrepreneurial mind. Spin-offs of our former team members are welcome.


Be brave. Provide a sincere feedback regardless of the circumstances.


Your freedom can’t affect the freedom of others.


Success is a delivery not the time spent. Don’t wait to be asked for your next task, find it yourself.


Our company is a living organism interconnected with our partners, customers, and community. There are no borders.


Life is a constant change. Embrace it.


Give and you shall receive.


Weirdness, non-conformity is welcome.

What are we working on?

Variability is our specialty. Whether it’s B2B, a startup or blockchain, we select meaningful and interesting projects with a modern tech stack.

[icon] Bigger companies

Bigger companies

We are not an agency. We deliver complex custom solutions. We transform processes and structures into exciting products. Remotely, if that’s what you like.

[icon] Startups


Working with our startup crew will refresh your mind! Welcome to our world of innovative ideas, decentralized freedom and the latest technologies. We fully support our clients and convert their thoughts and ideas into real, user-friendly products.

[icon] Blockchain projects

Blockchain projects

TopMonks is a decentralized company. What does that actually mean? We transmute our blockchain passion into a fraction of our team. Enter our Blockchain Studio. We work with top-notch projects, all the way from UX to compex backend development.

Everyday life in TopMonks

We don’t need you messing around in the office from 9 to 5. We want to create and deliver perfection. Our team is remote and we have worked diligently to improve the ways we work together and with our clients. We don’t count hours, we focus on results.


Effective communication is the essence of cooperation – not only across our projects, but also with our customers. We don’t care where you sit, but once you are working, you should make yourself available.


All our projects run through GitHub. Several also use GitHub Issues to track progress. Together with Slack, these are the alpha and omega of our cooperation.


Most of our projects are based in the Docker Swarm environment. To manage these successfully, we developed our own UI called Swarmpit.


We share all our documentation, invoices and even our company library in Quip. Ask rarouš for his amazing cookbook!

What’s next?

Meet us at one of our events!

Our doors are open for our weekly TopMonks breakfast and our monthly TopMonks Caffè. We also organize conferences on the Future of work and Blockchain. We are members of several dev events where we participate and often lecture as well.


Get in touch with Aleš

We are always on the lookout for talented Monks to join our team. Get in touch with us to find out more about our current vacancies. If there is not one that resonates with you, let us know. We just might figure something else out.

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Aleš Roubíček