You Can Meet Us Here

We love meeting new interesting people. Come and meet us at some of our many events.

TopMonks Caffè

TopMonks Caffè

Every first Thursday of the month, we hold a regular meetup about everything that we are currently interested in and looking into. You’ll find a balanced mix of technical and soft topics delivered by our speakers and special guests.

Photo of TopMonks breakfast

TopMonks breakfast

Every Thursday, we eat breakfast together. This is not only an opportunity to meet almost all our Monks, but to also welcome new interesting people into our space.

Photo from Startup Stage

Startup Stage

Three times a year, we invite three interesting guests from the startup world and have them talk about their experience with us. Come and ask them whatever you like. This is what the #startupstage is all about. No bullshit, just plenty of interesting info and lots of fun.

Photo from CZ Podcast


Check out the most popular tech-podcast in the Czech Republic! The famous duo Filemon & Dagi is accompanied by an exciting guest. You can rest assured you will laugh and learn a lot!

Other events

We organize conferences on the future of work and blockchain. We are members of several dev events where we participate and often lecture as well.

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