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Crafting software since2011

Our services

  • Pricing projects implementation & consultancy pictogram

    Pricing projects implementation & consultancy

    We have been implementing and maintaining pricing projects worldwide since 2011.

    Our pricing consultants are 100% certified in Pricefx, company which we proudly co-founded.

  • Startup Studio pictogram

    Startup Studio

    We can be your technical partner on your startup in exchange for sweat equity.

    If you can sell, we can deliver the working app and subsequently join your project as an internal workforce.

  • Technical Team Lease pictogram

    Technical Team Lease

    Our teams of programmers are ready for your projects. We are flexible with the onsite presence.

    We offer focused, skilled, and highly-coordinated software development teams ready to tackle any task. Our teams are made up of generalists who oversee the big picture and architecture, and specialists who provide deep expertise.

    Our backend technologies primarily include Java/Kotlin, Spring, Node.js, Serverless (AWS Lambda, GCP Firebase), Postgres, and others.

    Our frontend technologies mainly consist of Javascript, Typescript, React, PWA, and others.

    All team members are proficient in current tools such as git, Docker, ElasticSearch, Kibana, cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure), IDEs, build tools (Gradle, Maven, Node.js package managers), CI servers and CI pipeline configuration, issue trackers, logs, monitoring tools, and services.

  • Web scraping pictogram

    Web scraping

    Mining and further processing of publicly available web data is our joy.

    Be it data from social networks, competition prices or ongoing monitoring of changes on stock market, we can scrape almost anything for further usage by your existing apps.

    We are partnering with Apify and rely heavily on their platform.

  • Data Science and Visualisation pictogram

    Data Science and Visualisation

    Our team of data engineers can help you to design a data lake, ETL process accompanie and provide regular actionable data insights. We can help you with the transformation to fully data driven company.

    We prefer to use Keboola and GoodData.

  • Plugins development pictogram

    Plugins development

    We love to work on existing platforms and come up with new functionality through plugin development. We specialize on Shoptet and Shopify.

Topmonks' story

Revolutionizing the industry with pricefx co-founding & first investment in visionary startup jetminds
Rising as topmonks, a dominant startup studio, & empowering innovative startups with investments from our commercial projects
Jetminds achieves greatness with the sale to us based vendavo inc.
10 monks unite with the first major investment into pricefx, forming the inaugural internal engineering & consulting team.
Investment of reflex capital (ondřej fryc, former owner of mall.cz) into dynamic topmonks
Portfolio comprising 15 incredible startups, including hookamonk > the epitome of cutting-edge elegance in electronic water pipes
Since 2023 pricefx takes center stage & topmonks leans into pricing, aiming for excellence

Our partners

Apify logo

Apify is a full-stack cloud platform for developers to build, deploy, and publish web scraping, data extraction, and web automation tools. The Apify platform handles infrastructure scaling, can cope with sophisticated blocking, and smart rotation of both datacenter and residential proxies. Apify also maintains open-source web scraping library Crawlee.

Keboola logo

Keboola is a Self-Service Data Operations Platform that empowers your company to achieve increased efficiency and revenue through automation and AI. By enabling the automation of time-intensive data processes and data-driven decisions, Keboola simplifies your workflow and enhances productivity, giving you more time to focus on innovation.

Czechitas is a nonprofit organization based in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to inspire, train and guide new talents towards stronger diversity and competitiveness in tech. We are a community made up of young women and men who all share one common goal – to increase diversity in the world of IT and to fight for a higher level of digital proficiency among women and in the new generation.