We love our craft and always put the customer first, using Lean Agile development process that emphasizes communication, transparency, and using the latest collaborative tools so you always know where you stand.

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Go Real Europe
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Česká Spřitelna
GMC Software
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Selected references


Simplifying – Accelerating – Delivering tangible business value.

Pricef(x) company is creating pricing solutions for big corporations. Despite its short life it has grown to 3 mil. EUR revenue and its now empowered by more than 20 dedicated employees. TopMonks is proud partner and co-author of its software solution which is now bringing significant value to dozens of multinational customers including Bosch, Kärcher, Media-Saturn and John Crane. Pricef(x) is now vigorously expanding west.

Client Implementations

logo: Media Markt Saturnlogo: Reaction Commercelogo: John Crane

Web API, Česká spořitelna

WebAPI is an application that covers various services (REST, SOAP) and exposes them uniformly as REST API.

It unifies the authentication method to individual requirements and looks for limit requirements within the time units and in excess shutdown of the service.


Our services uncover the informal organization structure of your team.

We develop simple software services to improve the team work and design. We believe that prosperous teams master the art of maximizing and balancing the results, expertise, energy, relationships, and purpose.

Our tool named Frank visualizes the social bonds in any team in terms of PURPOSE, relationships, results, expertise, and energy. Simply, and in an illustrative and functional way.

logo: EU

A space for open hearts.

Hearth is a unique social network dedicated to exchanging gifts and experiences.

You don’t pay with money on ‘Hearth’. Offer some service or a thing and you will get in return something that you need. Users can join the community, make new friends there and explore the world without money. Generosity and reciprocity are the key values on this web page. We run the project for over a half year now and are in close contact with our clients to ensure that everything goes according to their needs. We are using agile SCRUM method with two-week sprints release. is developed by people who believe in this idea and support charitable lifestyle.

Reinventing your IT job search. Simplify your IT recruitment. presents a new and unique solution for software developers considering a change of career. This involves creating a virtual marketplace where software developers can connect with firms looking for top IT talent. Job seekers can operate anonymously, maintaining full control over the process.

Go real Europe

Let us create your own fairytale trip!

GoRealEurope is a web page targeting North American market. It connects the travelers with experienced local guides in Middle Europe helping them to avoid the mistakes and wiles of selforganizing. Travelers oversee their budget and cooperate on the the itinerary in a funny and creative way.

We have worked on this project for three months in a close consultations with the web page owner. The service have received outstanding references fromtheir customers so far.

Zoom Encourage

The ZOOM International is a leading call centers solutions provider worldwide. They are engaged in call recordings, data processing and analytics. We have delivered a fundamental tool for them named ZOOM Encourage consisting of the CallREC and the analytics tool Scorecard. We redesigned the product and added something extra on top of it. The CallREC imports the data into Encourage and allows users to process it via Web UI. Calls are automatically transcribed into written form and optimized for fulltext search. It it possible to tag or comment the searched call. The next stage of the project will introduce agent for data evaluation and multichannel approach for processing the videos, emails, chats, Facebook, Twitter and other channels running through the call centres. The entire ZOOM Encourage will be split into several layers: a data layer, service layer, business logic layer, authentication configuration module, web UI layer etc.


Be nobody but yourself!

Individualized menswear production made online. Fancy eshop with glamoroush fashion. After a year in production TopMonks have joined this ongoing project of large scare. This required quick orientation in the code and rapid adaptation by our team. We have developed the Outfitter Portal, Shopping Portal, Admin and Client Portals.